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Innovative Data Driven Marketing Leader with experience managing close to $1M in annual paid search advertising campaigns. Texas native and Baylor grad who loves craft beer, baseball, and sci-fi movies. Currently studying Data Science & Statitics at MIT.



eCommerce Marketing Manager

  • Manage $650k+ in annual online advertising campaign spend that drove an incremental 20% to $10.8M in revenue for 4 companies and 9 brands on Amazon’s Vendor Central and Seller Central platforms.
  • Run multi-channel marketing campaigns that drove ~$70M in revenue on 5 different online retailers’ sites and increased brand visibility with over 3M weekly impressions on several online advertising platforms.
  • Led a number of initiatives to build brand awareness and recognition leveraging Amazon’s new enhanced content and branding features. Ran several A/B merchandising tests to optimize product pages to include higher converting keywords, images, video, and features in an effort to continuously improve conversion.
  • Created and maintain a database of product information, advertising campaign and sales data from 6 separate sources using an SQL database and used key performance indicators and metrics to improve campaign performance and gain consumer insight.

Blue Gorilla

Marketing Consultant

  • Helped launch 4 new applications and build product marketing campaigns to acquire application downloads, user retention and build awareness of the brand in new markets
  • Developed a marketing strategy including using several online advertising platforms, producing video marketing assets, social media marketing, and content marketing
  • Created a completely revised revenue model that made a medical app look more appealing to customers while increasing the overall revenue opportunity 250% to $3.5M while simultaneously incentivizing customers to drive user adoption of the app
  • Analyzed 2k+ active monthly users’ site behavior to optimize search engine marketing (SEM) and social media campaigns to improve conversion


Marketing Analytics & Strategic Planning Manager

  • Participated in the creation of 4 annual marketing strategies that included 50+ marketing initiatives including product development, events, email, and various advertising campaigns and prioritized those initiatives based on their ability to drive bottom line growth or increased market share
  • Helped prioritize product development budget of over $100M by segmenting the budget into strategic initiatives and created business plans to quantify the impact on the overall business and share any annual incremental revenue gains to the finance group
  • Authored and tracked various 3 KPIs for each of 10+ key marketing initiatives and assisted in the development of executive and employee dashboards that were used by 2k+ employees


Senior Financial Analyst

Provided financial planning/analysis for all non-air revenue and the technology expense lines. Created annual budgets, P&L statements, monthly variance explanations and forecasts. Prepared reports and conducted presentations for the SEC, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the board of directors.

WorldCom, Carrier, & Dr Pepper Snapple

Financial Analyst

Provided various financial plannaing and analsys for various overseas groups in a large public communications company. Revenue planning and deal review for a large softdrink company.

First Oak Capital

Operations Manager

Managed three quick-serve restaurant franchises, a car wash, and a convience store and gas station. Attended franchise training for all three concepts. Managed a team of two dozen people and trained management group. Managed marketing initiatives for each concept coordinating with franchise headquarters, softdrink distributors, and tabaco companies who provided marketing funds and product discount.



Sept 2018 - Nov 2019

Master of Science - Data Science & Statistics

Baylor University

Sept 1992 - Dec 1997

Bachelor of Business Administration - Entrepreneurship


Google Analytics

May 2009 - current

Google Analytics Individual Certification

I have used Google Analytics since 2009 and I have been certified since 2014. I have installed, optimized, and analyzed traffic, inbound marketing initiatives, and site content for eight different sites.

Google Ads

March 2018 - current

Google Ads

I have run a number of Google Adwords campaigns for several brands. Specific certification details can be viewed on my Google Acedamy Profile page.



I built a wireframe and business plan for an insurance company that was interested in creating a pilot log mobile and tablet app to log pilot flight hours and the type of aircraft. Additionally, the pilot could periodically submit his flight log to insurance companies to get auto-generated insurance quotes.

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TapGoods is a s an online marketplace enabling people to rent their stuff on a short-term basis. Items can be picked up or delivered using TapGoods' Door-To-Door service. TapGoods collects 20% on each rental. Popular rental categories include party rentals, equipment rentals, recreational items, and moving equipment.

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My Vision Track©

The mVT © is the only FDA cleared hyper acuity vision monitoring platform that helps doctors track changes in vision for AMD and diabetic patients. Patients use a simple test administered on their mobile device or tablet. Doctors can monitor and are notified when there are changes in their patients vision.

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Jables is a digital entertainment guide with a comprehensive list of entertainment options that users can sort and filter. Jables uses artificial intelligence to prioritize events based on user interactions on the site. Additionally, Jables produces a weekly YouTube show that highlights cool events in large metroplitan areas.

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Hope For Kip

My uncle, Kip Slawter, was in an accident that left him a quadriplegic. He is a pastor, but the accident made preaching impossible. He wanted to continue spreading the gospel and share his story as a quadripelegic, so I have helped him with his site. The site is a WordPress site that is now hosted on HostGator. I provide quarterly analytics on traffic sources and his most popular posts. I also implemented social sharing, a custom theme, and optimized the site for search engines.

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Red Flying Horse

Red Flying Horse was a proof of concept for a local show that highlighted cool events like theater, festivals, and music. 13 episodes were completed that as of the end of 2016 had garnered over 27 thousand views, of which 73% were views from people in Texas. Additionally, the largest channel was Google and YouTube search.

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Software & Programming Experience

Javascript Projects

Jason Bunnell

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