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Product Marketing & Project Management Consultant

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Innovative and data driven Product Marketing and Project Management professional with extensive background in identifying effective marketing strategies and product opportunities through customer analysis, product development, marketing, and product optimization through customer insight and product interaction analysis. Highly skilled in influencing strategy, customer segmentation, and campaign execution. Generated revenue growth utilizing sophisticated marketing strategies. A strong fact based decision maker who analyzes marketing statistics, sales rate and volume, and various market data with keen insights enabling companies to anticipate trends and determine best actions that are guaranteed to take the company to the next level.



eCommerce Marketing Manager

Developed marketing strategy that incorporated various marketing campaigns including pay-per-click on Amazon just under $1 million annually. Created metrics to track the effectiveness of each individual campaign and conveyed results to multiple clients. Identified low cost, high impact digital marketing campaigns to drive product page traffic to increase the rank of those products on various online retailers including Amazon, Overstock, and Wayfair.

Blue Gorilla

Marketing Strategy, Product Marketing & Project Management Consultant

Developed marketing strategy that incorporated multiple marketing initiatives including product management, customer acquisition campaigns, user satisfaction and engagement analysis, and prioritizing product development initiatives for 3 new digital products. Created, measured, and improved various marketing initiatives to improve goal conversion. Created metrics to track the effectiveness of each individual campaign to constantly improve marketing strategies and identified opportunities to improve goal conversion rates through both product improvement and improved promotional effectiveness. Identified low cost, high impact marketing initiatives to drive user acquisition, increased engagement, and increased customer conversion rates.


Marketing Analytics & Strategic Planning Principal

Managed various product marketing campaigns. Developed product strategies and built business cases for individual products and coordinated a prioritized development schedule. Developed and tracked key performance indicators that tracked the success of various strategic initiatives. Developed income statements and KPIs for primary marketing segments to analyze customer profit contribution. Mentored summer interns on an extensive group project. Took several products through the development life cycle from conception to launch. Developed and maintained various weekly and monthly reports.


Senior Financial Analyst

Provided financial planning/analysis for all non-air revenue and the technology expense lines. Created annual budgets, P&L statements, monthly variance explanations and forecasts. Prepared reports and conducted presentations for the SEC, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the board of directors.

WorldCom, Carrier, & Dr Pepper Snapple

Financial Analyst

Provided various financial plannaing and analsys for various overseas groups in a large public communications company. Revenue planning and deal review for a large softdrink company.

First Oak Capital

Operations Manager

Managed three quick-serve restaurant franchises, a car wash, and a convience store and gas station. Attended franchise training for all three concepts. Managed a team of two dozen people and trained management group. Managed marketing initiatives for each concept coordinating with franchise headquarters, softdrink distributors, and tabaco companies who provided marketing funds and product discount.


Baylor University

Sept 1992 - Dec 1997

Bachelor of Business Administration


Google Analytics

May 2009 - current

Google Analytics Individual Certification

I have used Google Analytics since 2009 and I have been certified since 2014. I have installed, optimized, and analyzed traffic, inbound marketing initiatives, and site content for eight different sites.



I built a wireframe and business plan for an insurance company that was interested in creating a pilot log mobile and tablet app to log pilot flight hours and the type of aircraft. Additionally, the pilot could periodically submit his flight log to insurance companies to get auto-generated insurance quotes.

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TapGoods is a s an online marketplace enabling people to rent their stuff on a short-term basis. Items can be picked up or delivered using TapGoods' Door-To-Door service. TapGoods collects 20% on each rental. Popular rental categories include party rentals, equipment rentals, recreational items, and moving equipment.

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My Vision Track©

The mVT © is the only FDA cleared hyper acuity vision monitoring platform that helps doctors track changes in vision for AMD and diabetic patients. Patients use a simple test administered on their mobile device or tablet. Doctors can monitor and are notified when there are changes in their patients vision.

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Jables is a digital entertainment guide with a comprehensive list of entertainment options that users can sort and filter. Jables uses artificial intelligence to prioritize events based on user interactions on the site. Additionally, Jables produces a weekly YouTube show that highlights cool events in large metroplitan areas.

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Hope For Kip

My uncle, Kip Slawter, was in an accident that left him a quadriplegic. He is a pastor, but the accident made preaching impossible. He wanted to continue spreading the gospel and share his story as a quadripelegic, so I have helped him with his site. The site is a WordPress site that is now hosted on HostGator. I provide quarterly analytics on traffic sources and his most popular posts. I also implemented social sharing, a custom theme, and optimized the site for search engines.

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Red Flying Horse

Red Flying Horse was a proof of concept for a local show that highlighted cool events like theater, festivals, and music. 13 episodes were completed that as of the end of 2016 had garnered over 27 thousand views, of which 73% were views from people in Texas. Additionally, the largest channel was Google and YouTube search.

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Software and Programming Experience

Javascript Projects

Jason Bunnell

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